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Late Turner: Painting Set Free | Tate Britain

Late Turner: Painting Set Free | Tate Britain

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Late Turner: Painting Set Free | Tate Britain | - 1

Late Turner: Painting Set Free | Tate Britain | - 2

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Turner's work has been adored for many years connecting generations in their pleasure like a creative bloodline, but this was not always the case. In his time Turner encountered much criticism due to his background, technique & style. This led to him being known as a controversial figure in the art scene of his day. That which many disapproved of back then has become celebrated in the modern day, which has launched him as a revered figure in the romantic landscape art scene.


There is not much that can compare to the sudden excitement one experiences when confronted with a Turner painting depicting a brutal landscape like a blockbuster of epic proportions. He regularly presents scenes of dramatic appeal before you to explore it's detail & question it's narrative.


Akin to the recent Matisse exhibition at Tate Modern, the Tate Britain hosts an exhibition showcasing the artist's later works with a focus on the last 16 years of his life. Paintings and Watercolours from the period 1835 - 1851 are on view with the majority of which bequeathed to the Tate following his death. A notable loan from outside of the Tate's own collection includes the National Gallery's 'Rain, Steam, and Speed - The Great Western Railway', 1844 >> Below


Many momentous seascapes are seen in all their glory, which posses the power to astound their viewer 170 years after they were first created. The Snow Storm, 1842 thrusts it's beholder into the midst of a rough battle between Ship & Sea. Whereas Peace - Burial at Sea, 1842, shows what seems to be the aftermath of the storm as waters settle & a Ship shows it's wounds from the confrontation.


Late Turner: Painting Set Free | Tate Britain | - 4  Late Turner: Painting Set Free | Tate Britain | - 5

   << Peace - Burial at Sea, 1842                                                     The Snow Storm, 1842 >>

Turner was a marketable artist, developing a tendency to know, which scenes, locations & stories were likely to attract the greatest attention. The Burning of the Houses of Parliament, 1835 is an example of this. A travesty, which captured the intrigue of all cleverly connected to Turner by describing the event through the use of oil painting. He watched the event unfold from his rented boat on the Thames soaking up the atmosphere, which would later inspire 2 oil paintings & a series of Watercolours.


This period of Turner's life was said to be affected by poor physical & mental health. With eyesight deteriorating & alleged over-consumption of alcohol as well as other substances. It is to the contrary we find Turner here as much serves to appreciate. Seeing the artist's finest final works earmarks the end of an artistic journey, which has become an important part of art history. The curators have presented us with a splendid mixture of figurative, abstract figurative & early traits of impressionism that Turner was famed for.


                        Late Turner: Painting Set Free | Tate Britain | - 6

                         Regulus, 1828 - 1837 >>


                        Late Turner: Painting Set Free | Tate Britain | - 7  

                         Shade and Darkness - the Evening of the Deluge, 1843 >>


                        Late Turner: Painting Set Free | Tate Britain | - 8

                         The Blue Rigi, Sunrise 1842 Watercolour >>




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