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                                                                                Gyre - Crow feathers London based Kate MccGwire uses the interesting material of the feathers of various birds such as Crow, Pigeon, Mallard, Magpie & Pheasant to create her unique feather sculptures. Collecting the necessary materials can take months. When used in abundance these feathers possess a true beauty & power for all to see. As shapes evolve in her work they develop a playful & animated character with a menacing element.  Creating such intricate patterns it is as though her creations provide a fluidity of movement. Her studio being...

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Mel Bochner at the Whitechapel Gallery        American artist Mel Bochner (1940 - ) uses the thesaurus as inspiration for his exhibition at the Whitechapel Gallery, which runs until 30th December 2012. Chains of words in bright, incandescent form are combined with a youthful exuberance that the selected text contain. Bochner is fascinated with the english language & the evolution of this language embracing the influence of modern additions, which serve to further the ability to express oneself. As you enter this free exhibition you are greeted by an enormous verse of ‘Blah, Blah, Blah’ (2011), which stands tall overlooking...

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Barcelona-based Jaume Plensa has created some of the most forward thinking figurative sculptures during an established career. His work continues to be a popular choice for use in public spaces, which is reflected with his first major UK exhibition at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. The outdoor landscape is a fitting tribute to a creator of such substance using large-scale sculptures, which incorporate the use of light. These works have the ingenious quality of adding to the environment in which they are situated without taking anything away. As if transparent, the viewer can see these creations whilst continuing to enjoy all that...

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                                                                                                                   The Saatchi Gallery presents a fascinating display of the largest collection of modern Korean art in the UK to date. Until 23rd September 2012 you can see 33 of the most exciting korean contemporary artists rich in sculpture, paintings & photographs .. Showcasing different elements of Korean art including fusing the traditional alongside the modern. Here Passion Palette casts a spotlight over some of the featured works.                                                                   

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