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Cleon Peterson

Cleon Peterson

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Cleon Peterson | - 1

Rule of Law - (2014) - part of a series... £15,000

Cleon Peterson continues to provoke his audience with these savagely brutal paintings hinting at the illusionary value of a 'civilised' society. Rich in symbolism commenting on status, fear, power & aggression his work contains an almost tribal sensation chronicling a history of conflict that is so central to our identities.


The viewer is immediately confronted in battle thrusting them into alligning their senses to a particular contingence. Simultaneously reacting with applause & dismay prior to being forced into selecting their allegiance, the victim, or the aggressor. This decision ultimately directs your experience of his work. Peterson comments "we are in a new reality, a world where humanity is divided & where cultures & religions clash, each one fighting to impose its vision & ideals on the other".


The overall sensibility apparent in his work is of struggle; anxiety & violence in a chaotic world. His powerful character-led narratives survive their clash to reveal an endless cycle of 'pleasure by terror'. His work resonates with the most primal of instincts, survival of the fittest & repression. This, placed within the modern world, serves as a sincere reminder that humanity is still governed by our primitive fight to survive & has adopted different ways to achieve this.


Peterson's recent works appear to have grown in scale with him completing large murals for display in Hong Kong. He announced his arrival in the city with a clever marketing campaign, which saw familiar characters cast onto buildings around the city with a street-art aesthetic. Peterson's work is gaining widespread attention in Europe, his native America & Asia. His paintings are growing in value with original works trading on average between £12,500 - £20,000 (June 2016).


Cleon Peterson | - 2

Vengeance - (2015) - Acrylic on Canvas

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