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Maria Rivans | Artist Interview

Maria Rivans | Artist Interview

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1.)  What attracts you to collage art as a form of creativity as opposed to other mediums?

The whole process is all consuming. From the collecting, the scouring for materials to use, the hours of endless searching for just the right image, the intricate cutting and finally the enormous sense of play when placing the cutouts onto the canvas. it's become a huge part of my life in and out of the studio and I love that.

2.) What principals do you abide by when piecing different elements together?

I tend to have a theme to work to, but I never make definite rules so the theme can change at any time. I like to work freely and have a sense of play so I do not place too many restrictions on my art practice. However, the final image has to have balance, movement, variety and unity.

3.) What do you look for when searching for material to use in your work?

My material is mainly taken from magazines, catalogues and books from the 1930s to 70s. I am attracted to illustrations, I like the hand drawn qualities I find in my vintage sources. At the moment I am particularly drawn to children's educational books and magazines, but this will change at some point. A few months ago I was really into photographs taken during the 1960s space race. I am highly influenced by Hitchcock and his use of Technicolour. I aim for the final piece to hold an odd and unreal atmosphere as in the films 'Rear Window' and 'Rope'.

4.) Where do you source this material?

My favourite place to hunt for materials is boot markets. I love the atmosphere, being outdoors and finding a good bargain. I also go to charity shops and when I find a particular publication I will take a look on the internet to see if I can find more in that series.

5.) Mixed Media collage work is ever increasing in popularity as a respected collectable form, how have the art community reacted to your latest works?

I have definitely noticed a difference in people's reactions from 10 years ago when I first began to make my collages. I've had a great reaction to my latest works and managed to get a fair bit of press and appraisal for my last showing at the London Art Fair. So all is good for the collage discipline at the minute.

6.) How do you see your work developing in the future?

Most recently i've been working on my 'Film Still Series'. I always seem to be dipping in and out of continuing themes that I become obsessed with. I am loving making these little, humorous collages. On the other hand my work is becoming larger with the Pin-Up series. I would also like to develop my 3-Dimensional work - I'd love to create an installation of one of my surreal landscapes for people to wander through. 

7.) Who do you list as your major influences in artistic terms?

Bosh, Hockney, Bacon, Ernst, the Surrealists, Kahlo, the Brit Art Movement & Koons to name a few.



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