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Does the full 10% of my purchase go towards the PassionART Plus grant scheme, which provides financial assistance to emerging artists in need?

Yes - the full 10% goes to the PassionART Plus grant scheme, which contributes towards the development of emerging artists careers. Case Studies of artists that have been helped, Charities that have been supported & Exhibitions that have been run through this scheme often appear on this site.  


Is it safe to order through Passion Palette??

Passion Palette uses a secure online payment gateway, which ensures any information you submit is encrypted with the industry leading security to reassure our customers that purchasing through us is safe.


How accurate are the measurements on the website??

The measurements of all items listed for sale on Passion Palette are usually extremely accurate. We do, however, recommend that you wait until you receive your piece of art before arranging any framing of the paintings, or cabinets for sculptures.


Do any prints of the paintings exist??

No - the majority of items for sale through Passion Palette are original pieces of art. No copies exist providing you with an exclusive purchase, which aims to protect your investment. In rare occasions when prints do exist of a painting this is clearly highlighted.


Does Passion Palette have any physical exhibitions of items displayed on the website??

Yes - Passion Palette currently hold 6 monthly exhibitions where selected items can be seen in the flesh. We hope to make these more regularly in the future. Support us now to grow for the future.


How quickly after completing a transaction will my selected piece of art be delivered??

Your purchased piece of art is usually despatched within 24 hours of the transaction being completed. Exceptions exist when a purchased art work may be in exhibition. In these circumstances you will be notified immediately of an expected despatch date. If you find this unacceptable you will be offered either a full refund, or the option of selecting an alternative item from our stock. We support our artists during the earlier stages of their careers and provide opportunities for exposure. This also helps the value of an artists work increase.


How often is the stock on Passion Palette updated??

We are constantly adding to the selection of exciting artists on offer through the Site. This ensures that we provide you with a continuous stream of new art work from various artists, which keeps the content on the site fresh. Its also serves to keep us at the forefront of exciting & original artists bursting through. Keep returning to the website to seek fresh, unique, original pieces of art whilst they remain affordable. You can also witness your selected artists career progress as we assist with their development. Join us on social media platforms facebook & twitter also to gain the latest information as it appears.

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