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It is a big decision to invest an amount of money in a painting. Here at Passion Palette we are committed to ensuring that you receive the correct investment for you. There is much more to owning a painting than hanging it on your wall. This is why Passion Palette provide you with a personal Customer Relations contact to assist you through the process.



Passion Palette also provide a post Sales Service at no extra cost. This keeps you updated on the latest developments with your chosen artist's career progression, which has a direct impact on your investment. The Post Sales Service includes;





Investing in a Passion Palette supported artist also comes with the added assurance of further promotions and greater exposure as an artist's career is managed through effective marketing. Each artist receives one to one support in the early stages of development through to establishing themselves within the mainstream art scene as prices for works increase. This early supervision includes promoting artists to various award schemes to gain further recognition as well as selecting, which venues to exhibit & taking responsibility for transporting paintings safely to venues. This leaves the artist free to focus on what they do best.., creating new pieces of art.



Passion Palette supports the Paying Artists Campaign, which promotes fair payment for artists for the works they produce.




We also offer a Transparent Payment Scheme to our Customers as you buy directly from the artist. Each artist accounts for the number of hours spent on creating their work. This is then used to set the final price according to the artists hourly rate. For example, a painting which has taken 70 hours to create by an artist who charges £25.00 each hour will be priced at ££1,750.00. Other factors come into the pricing including Awards that a painting may have received, or prestigous exhibitions that they may have been displayed at. 

This inovative method of pricing serves to reassure the customer & increases confidence in the market. Further information can be provided.


One of the biggest sellers of Art in the UK is Ikea....

How many large canvas' of the New York City skyline hang in homes across the country do you think? The large black and white image of the evocative Eiffel Tower is also a decorative piece that would compliment any home. It is not surprising that department stores such as Ikea are increasingly being turned to for the purchase of these items. We all seek convenience in our lives.

What affect does this have on our art scene? Could money spent on furnishing your home in factory produced wall hangings be more effectively spent elsewhere? We take a look at the impact of the economy on artist's seeking to navigate a career in the industry and look at the benefits to you, the customer of taking a different approach to furnishing your homes..


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