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About Us

Welcome to Passion Palette the online Exhibition of upcoming artists showcasing their work. Here we have built a community of artists that we are proud to present to you.


Every item featured is an original piece of art available for purchase - Limited prints are available in certain circumstances when clearly outlined. This represents an exclusive purchase & aims to protect your investment. You can seek Art for sale by an individual artist, the genre of Art you are interested in, the size, or the price. Purchasing art through Passion Palette represents an early investment in an artists career, which in turn provides essential revenue to the artist to cover escalating studio rents & material costs during this critical period in their careers.

We also provide reviews on the various exhibitions that we have attended and give background information on the artists featured. Our Gallery Container publicises current exhibitions on show in various locations. We also focus on artists of interest in our Spotlight feature. All in all, Passion Palette is an online tool for you to refer to when seeking fresh, unique & original art content, the complete online art resource.

Please have a look at the various galleries on show and feel free to contact us should you want further information.

We hope you enjoy browsing the site… art websites  painting review contemporary london gallery art artist