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Tate Modern | London Gallery

Tate Modern | London Gallery

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London Gallery presenting major exhibitions...






As a former Power station the Tate Modern provides a huge space for modern contemporary art from international artists from 1900 to the modern day.  A huge turbine hall, which stands 35 metres high and 152 metres long provides an impressive entrance to this gallery & is used to display specially commissioned works designed specifically for this space. Not many industrial spaces of this magnitude are so accessible and this serves to inspire artists to accomplish that, which may not be possible without the freedom that the Tate Modern allows. All exhibits within this gigantic room are delivered through the Unilever Project. 

The 7 floors contained within the Tate Modern give an idea of the pure scale of this building, which imposes so effortlessly on its surroundings at the banks of the River Thames in London.  The iconic central chimney prompted people to refer to the building as the ‘Industrial Cathedral’ before its redevelopment into an art gallery & this industrial feel to the venue remains at the essence of its present occupation. 

Its permanent collection has no less than 60,000 works at its disposal, which continually rotate giving the public the opportunity to become reaquainted with such artists as Jackson Pollock, Pablo Picasso, Salvador Dali, Man Ray, Andy Warhol, Mark Rothko & Germaine Richier free of charge. These permanent collections can be found on the 3rd & 5th levels.

Although there is much that can infuse whilst at the Tate Modern for free, it is the private viewings, which provide some of this gallery’s main attractions. With access to a superb schedule of the leading modern artists always available the gallery never fails to capture the imagination of the public.

It is apt for a building, which provided electricity to the London area to still generate such a buzz of energy in a completely different way.



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