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Kinetica Art Fair

Kinetica Art Fair

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The Kinetica Art Fair...

This UK Art Fair with a twist features art & sculpture with an emphasis on movement, sound & light. A chorus of interesting electronic sounds provide the base to the venue as you are surrounded by weird & wonderful mechanisms brought to life by movement. Much of the exhibition plunges you into darkness as light is summoned to evoke various moods as they perform. This is an interactive Fair at its core as you are invited to explore the mysterious displays, whilst comprehending their existence.

Dutch Artist Titia Ex returns to the Kinetica Art Fair with a large spherical light sculpture titled ‘The Walk’, a large 2.5 meter diameter sphere illuminated by hundreds of LED’s comprising of 5,000 pixels. Suspended from the roof conjures a floating sensation as figures march through its display carrying torches brightening their path. The sculpture captivates with its use of predominantly red colours, whilst its performance entices its audience. This work has been achieved in collaboration with the Light Art Centre in Eindhoven, Netherlands.

Stuart Warren-Hill of the concept Holotronica stands upon a balcony overlooking the Fair as his audiovisual projection breeds energy at the far end of the Ambika P3 venue. This large projection contains an impressive 3 dimensional display that he explains becomes detached from the fabric it is cast with appropriate lighting. This 3-dimensional show hovers above the exhibition throughout its duration.

Master of Animatronics Tim Lewis also reappears at Kinetica with 2 absorbing works. Combining his visionary talents & his engineering skills Lewis creates creatures born of mechanics. Pan is half man - half animal & all together machine. Creeping back & forth his footsteps tread gently, almost silently through the illusion of myth into reality. As this creature moves into the light its lurking shadow casts an eery supernatural element to the display. His smaller work titled Transformer portrays a miniature runner on the wheel of life.

Madi Boyd views a pitch-dark room as her blank canvas as she incorporates built environments with light patterns to construct her immersive installations. She uses the motion of light to sculpt the physical space around her works as if engulfing the area surrounding them. The Kinetica Art Fair presents ‘Fragment Cinema‘, which explores moving image as illusion as the cinema screen is re-invented as sculpture & interacts with the film.   

Inspired by the fluid motion of Squid moving through the Ocean, Edwin Rahardjo's Light Rhythm stands majestically as it flutters.

In addition to the Fair a number of workshops, talks & performances take place exploring the themes illusion & reality posing the question what is real & what is perceived. A host of intriguing live performances are held throughout the day adding further insight into different processes used to achieve the holographic & audiovisual displays on show. Musion present an interesting combination of holographic displays set to music, which compliments. On Saturday night the Kinetica Art Fair will be opened up to Sotheby’s auction house for a live & online auction highlighting the increasing popularity of the genre. 


This year's Kinetica Art Fair makes for interesting viewing that will appeal to those with inquisitive minds.   



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