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Baroque The Streets' | The Dulwich Street Art Festival

Baroque The Streets' | The Dulwich Street Art Festival

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           Connor Harrington - 'Fight Club'                                                                                              Pablo Delgado


Baroque The Streets: The Dulwich Street Art Festival

Street art has come a long way in the last 20 years to evolve into the biggest art movement of its time. This exciting expression of art is continually changing as artists emerge into the public eye. Although notorious in socially motivated content, many artists of its genre have been able to make the successful transition into the gallery space to be revered and embraced throughout the art world.  Street art figures have become household names as the mainstream accepts their presence and consider their statements.

The weekend of the 17th - 19th May saw an interesting marriage of two art forms. Baroque The Streets: The Dulwich Street Art Festival is an ambitious project, which seeks to explore the connection between street art & art history. England’s oldest public gallery, The Dulwich Picture Gallery, has worked in partnership with Street Art London to examine this interesting premise, which has attracted 20 of the leading street artists worldwide.


Accommodated within a residential building for a 10 day stay these artists have been granted total freedom to unleash their creative passions in a juxtaposition of varying styles. Renowned artists such as the Belgium born ROA, Connor Harrington (Irish), Thierry Noir (French), RUN (Italian), Nunca (Brazilian) as well as UK based Phlegm & SNOE amongst others have attacked the surrounding areas in their distinct styles taking their inspiration from the local Dulwich Picture Gallery.


Thierry Noir, a respected french street artist,  is one of the artists who has spent the majority of the last 10 days living in this residential dwelling. He sits in the centre of a room that he has transformed with his trademark caricatures. Stretching from floor to ceiling overlooking, provoking & questioning all who pass them by. Noir states that he experienced a tremendous sense of satisfaction from taking inspiration from the paintings on display at the Dulwich Picture Gallery with genuine admiration.

As you advance through the gallery an abhorrent, yet intriguing clash of styles is contained within this 11 room building, which serves the space well. Each room entered is a new experience waiting to be provoked. A number of subtle miniature paste up scenes, which are deep in narrative are contributed by Mexican Pablo Delgado. Whilst Christian Nagel invites us into his surreal installation within a mushroom clad room, which amazes.



                 Christiaan Nagel

There is so much more to Baroque The Streets than what is contained within this building. Many works have appeared in the surrounding areas encompassing the streets of Peckham, Dulwich & Sydenham that will remain for the foreseeable future. This event has served to promote this area of London onto the art agenda.
Speaking to SNOE in an outside space that he has commandeered for the past few days he states, “It’s been great to be a part of this event”. “With so much creativity going into transforming the building it stands as a statement in contrast to the destruction that awaits it”. The building that has been the centerpiece for this show is to be reduced to rubble in the near future.

It seems that Regardless of whether street art has cemented its place as part of the mainstream contemporary art movement it is reassuring to know that it continues to stand for a purpose as opposed to simply fulfilling a need...

All works are temporary, so check them out whilst you can.    


                     ROA                                                                      Pablo Delgado


REKA                                                                     Dscreet

My Dog Sighs                                                                     MadC

RUN                                                                             Rowdy

SNOE with mural                                                           Thierry Noir with mural




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