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In Focus | Artwork

In Focus brings you commentary from an art event in the wider art community. See artwork and exhibitions from around the world. 

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    IN FOCUS is a feature that brings you commentary from an art event in the wider art community. Each month Passion Palette takes a look at a different subject whether it be an international art fair, a focus on a particular genre of art, or artist led movement. IN FOCUS is your alternative measure of artist led material.

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Passion Palette takes an IN FOCUS look at the Singapore Art Week, which uncovers the best of asian contemporary art.  Former Director of Art Basel & Art Basel Miami, Lorenzo Rudolf, entered the asian market initially with SH Contemporary in Shanghai in 2007 before embarking on the Singapore Art Fair project in 2011. The fair...

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                              Connor Harrington - 'Fight Club'                                                                                              Pablo Delgado   Baroque The Streets: The Dulwich Street Art Festival Street art has come a long way in the last 20 years to evolve into the biggest art movement...

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  The Kinetica Art Fair... This UK Art Fair with a twist features art & sculpture with an emphasis on movement, sound & light. A chorus of interesting electronic sounds provide the base to the venue as you are surrounded by weird & wonderful mechanisms brought to life by movement. Much of the exhibition plunges you into...

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          Renaud Delorme (1970 - )     Using the iconography of celebrity culture combined with reclaimed materials Renaud Delorme uses a two part process to introduce a fresh take on contemporary portraiture. Firstly he applies outlines of his chosen portraits onto transparent pixelglass in progressive...

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