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A Level Summer Exhibition | RA

A Level Summer Exhibition | RA

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'Passion Palette brings you a glimpse at the next generation of artists coming through'....

This Fast Forward edition features the A Level Summer exhibition hosted by the Royal Academy. We bring you the final 20 art works that were selected from a staggering 1,280 works submitted. With a vaired selection comprising of drawings, paintings, photography, sculpture & video. It certainly provides an insight into the next generations appetite for expression. See those to watch out for at the very beginning of their careers. 


Adam Britnell : Towering Structure, 2014


A Level Student Adam Britnell has been successful in having 2 of his works selected for feature in the final 36 on display from the original 1,280 submitted. This remarkable achievement leads Passion Palete to believe that this artist is certainly one to look out for in our Fast Forward section in years to come.


<< This work is inspired by architect Lakov Chernikhov whose architectual designs, referred to as Constructivist architecture, flourished during the early Soviet Union years. Adam uses similar qualities of multiplied shapes & lines to produce structural form. He also takes inspiration from a newly erected block of apartments, which stands opposite the Tate Modern.





<< Daniel Banks : Contruction Two, 2014

Daniel explores his ability to rely on materials found locally to form a sculpture with a connection to the area.


Inspired by Sculptor Janet Nathan, a pioneer in the use of reclaimed materials, the artist follows in her footsteps with the sourcing of materials being an integral part of his creative process.












Tarique Al-Shabazz : Consumed by Technology, 2014


A piece that expresses the artist's view on the current attitudes towards the society we live in. The affect of advancing technology on the way we communicate has been well documented in the art world & has been granted it's very first major exhibition with the Barbican's Digital Revolution. Artists such as Nick Gentry & Danielle Hodson have sought to raise awareness of the changing nature of the technologically driven amongst us. The latter bares great resemblance to the work of Tarique Al-Shabazz whose inclusion of modern technologies provide an instant contemporary touch to the underlining messages of connection through disconnectivity. It also provides the opportunity to include direct messages through the ability to include text in the work such as in this piece.





Nathalie Soo : Majestic Landscape / Dvorets (Palace)

Nathalie Soo is another artist successful in getting 2 of her works featured in the final shortlist. She removes herself from more traditional treatments of the landscape to be led by vibrant colours, which are applied to the canvas in an expressionistic manner. She also achieves a sense of controlled chaos in the work below, which is said to have been inspired by the works of mixed media artist Julie Mehretu.








<< Tom Bacon : Negatives, 2014

The truncated square which repeats itself in this work came from a set of steps the artist saw in Venice designed by Carlo Scarpo. Tom combined this inspiration with the works by Sculptor Richard Deacon, which led to him making these hollow. The artist comments, "the piece is about the negative space that emerges from between the lines".











<< Pavel Davison : Urban Treetop, 2014

Part of the artist's study into urban landscapes, which hint at a rural setting. Pavel takes a photograph before painting it to further enhance the landscape he captures.








<< Eva Viskovic : Optimism of the Housewife, 2014

Inspired by the stereotype of the 1950s housewife & the relatonship between the here & now.


Rosie Ann Callanan : Girl and her Mother, 2014

This painting is a development of a collage created, which combined the features of the artist and her mother as a young woman. Exploring how multiple images can better portray a person than the use of one image.



<< Georgina Grace Gibson :                                              Emman Jemson : >>

As many Genders as there are Flowers Series, 2014                     Self - Portrait, 2014



<< Piers Muiry : Nana, 2014

This is the artist's first attempt at using oils although we are sure he will continue in this practice following his inclusion in the final show of the A Level Summer exhibition. This particular work is based on the theme of magnification.  

>> Jorge Osborne : Renewable Energy, 2014

The artist documents how his City's general wastage is managed, appealing to his community to do moreto help their local environment. Inspired by photojournalist Rodney Dekker & the environmental documentary organisation Fotodocument.



Alice Bello : The Dead Boy, 2014


Posing questions such as why does society have a negative attitude towards death? Does art help society confront this taboo, or is it disrespectful to portray death in art work? Does it feel intrusive to view a portrayal of a dead person? Confronted by such a raw, yet innocent image of death serves to provoke questions of your own mortality, whilst challenging you to explore your relationship with the enevitable.

The artist's clever use of a youth in this portrayal adds deeper narrative to the story.   



<< Errin Gall : Unnerving (heights), 2014

"I was inspired by the new bridges being constructed near my house. The quiet, stillness that surrounded the site when there was no one working was unsettling and mysterious to me".


Ellen Paig Leach : Light, 2014 >>














Deanna Middleton : The Modern Pieta, 2014

This piece of work marries modern life with a classical style & meaning. "I became interested in religion in art after viewing Michael Landy's exhibition 'Saints Alive' at the National Gallery. In this exhibition he took classical paintings & reinvented them in a way that modern viewers would find interesting". Taking inspiration from the Pieta Sculpture by Michelangelo, using a similar composition & scene, bringing forwards to modern times. 



<< Xavier de la Roche :

This artist is concerned with exploring the way material can dictate form. Taking his inspiration from Italian architect, Andrea Palladio, for this work each segment of clay contributes to the structural frame of the piece.












Daniel Kimber Binmore : Elephonium, 2014 >>

Inspired by his research into Surrealist artists like Vladimir Kush gave Daniel the idea for mixing animals with everyday objects. These two objects go well together as they are similar in shape & elephants are known for their trumpeting horns.


Charley Warder : Untitled Anxiety (Car Park), 2014

This image forms part of a project where Charley explores her own anxieties. An intimate reflection of her internal concerns in certain environments. looking into her concerns in certain environments. The artist is careful to leave the story open with what the viewer brings to the photograph an important part of her work. Presenting the framework for the story, whilst the viewer is left to complete the narrative.






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