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Royal Academy of Arts | London Gallery

Royal Academy of Arts | London Gallery

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London Gallery presenting major exhibitions...


In the heart of the West End in London’s Piccadilly Circus is one of the oldest art institutes in England. Dating back from 1768 the Royal Academy of Arts has a long standing tradition of showcasing and developing leading fine arts in the country.  

The Academy is famed for offering the largest open submission exhibition in the World. This exciting exhibition is one of the highlights of the art calendar, now in its 247th year, providing the opportunity for anyone to submit their chosen artwork alongside academicians. The judging process remains completely anonymous, preferring to consider each submission on its own merit. This can result in some interesting inclusions such as a 9 year old boy at the 2012 intake where 11,000 items were submitted.  

As well as showcasing temporary exhibitions The Royal Academy also features items on permanent display with a focus on British art. Paintings by past RA members Constable, Turner, Reynolds, Waterhouse & Gainsborough are included. A sculpture by Michelangelo can also be found, which is the only sculpture by the artist that exists in England.

The Royal Academy is run my an illustrious group of sculptors, architects, printmakers and painters who are referred to prestigiously as Royal Academicians (RAs). The commitment in developing artists skills is at the core of the RA, which provide education support to students cultivating British fine art for the future years.



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