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United Visual Artists: Momentum

United Visual Artists: Momentum

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A truly engrossing installation is now in place at the Barbican's Curve Gallery for those wishing to experience something extra from their usual day. The light, sound & motion display suits this peculiar space extremely well with its long narrow setting complete with high ceilings. The venue is cast into complete darkness with the installation conducting full control of the direction of light throughout the space, which certainly leads to an extraordinary immersive experience.



Patterns form on the walls, floors & ceilings moving at the mercy of a pendulum sway, which is almost hypnotic. Each pendulum has two sources of white light, a spotlight circled by a ring-light entering into a rhythmical movement. The light display combined with the motion of the pendulums is absorbing & when mixed with the random sounds of white noise, crackles, distortion, clicks & odd tones lure you into a meditative state.


This multimedia experiment is brought to you by United Visual Artists, an artist led movement formed in 2003, which specialises in embracing new technologies using a collaborative process. Initially formed to do a stage design for Massive Attack the group have remained together & made a successful transition into the gallery space with their art installations. Sound, movement, digital technology & shadow.


This free event at the Barbican will certainly prove to be popular, however, do not be put off by the recent experience of excessive queuing for the Rain Room installation in the same space. That installation limited entry to 5 persons at a time, whereas Momentum is expected to cater for up to 40 people at any one time.



Momentum certainly serves to remove you from the everyday & leaves a lasting impression, which accompanies you during your journey home. If you are unable to visit the Curve Gallery before Momentum's end on 1st June 2014, be reassured that the art collective will also be featuring in the Barbican's forthcoming major exhibition titled, the Digital Revolution.













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