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Bristol Conversation...

Bristol Conversation...

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Bristol Biennial is an international artist-led festival of visual art. Every two years, Bristol Biennial showcases exceptional emerging artists and projects that encourage public interaction. The festival also forges international partnerships and exchanges, providing local artists with new opportunities and networks.


Following in the same vein as many Biennials this event takes place in various spaces throughout the City, fully integrated within the local community. Well known buildings, venues and public spaces, not usually associated with the art scene, are given a makeover taking on a different identity for the duration of the festival. Bristol is no stranger to attracting international artists & has established itself as a creative hub throughout Europe. This well organised biennial event certainly delivers providing a mixture of 40 international & UK Artists from various disciplines whose work is shown from Friday 12th September until 21st September 2014.


Stretched over 10 days - Highlights include;


Ashley Peevor - Coventry artist - whose focus is on accessible public green spaces as a canvas for his art projects. 'Grass Men' is situated between the Northern Slopes, BS4 1NL (20th Sept) & St Andrews Park, BS6 5AZ (21st Sept). His performance artists seek to become part of the natural surroundings in their all in one grass suits as performance art is merged with the sculptural to interact with the public in an innovative & unsuspecting manner.





Cranberry Fields presents a chance to experience the harvesting of one of the UK's most popular super-foods usually prohibited due to the impact of wet harvesting on the environment. The process of wet harvesting involves flooding the bogs with water to detach the fruit from their vine, which rise to the top of the water before being collected. This less labour intensive process is common in other countries & has led to most locally consumed Cranberries being imported. Cranberry Fields seeks to draw attention to the industrial food production industry, whilst commenting on the environmental implications and today`s consumer culture. An experience for the senses... Hanna and Julia Rohn are the creative minds behind this venture into the world of fruit. 


Continuing the festival's high level of public engagement is MadeScapes - a Bristol based art collective comprising of three artists, one writer, one graphic designer and one photographer. This sees a portal connecting the people at either end of a live video doorway enabling real-time interactions in contrasted environments within the city. This innovative installation has proved popular bringing empty shop spaces of Bedminster and Broadmead together through the use of digital technology. This is certainly current with the recent barbican exhibition dedicated to the topic & prompts you to question your own engagement with those around you. One visitor comments "I felt more inclined to interact with those on the other side than if they were physically in front of me"....


With a jam packed programme of events, which include Exhibitions - Performance - Secret Gigs - Site specific installations - Outdoor art - Talks & Workshops expect Bristol thrust you into the centre of the art community. Embrace this fantastic line up of events.



The full Bristol Biennial 2014 programme will be announced next week. Keep your eye on for more details.





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