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  Historically the most expensive paintings consisted of Old Master pieces such as the work of Rubens - review. The age of these works borders art with antiquity as highly collectable. However, there has since been a shift towards Modern paintings as the most expensive investment since the 1987 sale of Vase of Fifteen Sunflowers by...

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       It is a big decision to invest an amount of money in a painting. Here at Passion Palette we are committed to ensuring that you receive the correct investment for you. There is much more to owning a painting than hanging it on your wall. This is why Passion Palette provide you with a...

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Bristol Biennial is an international artist-led festival of visual art. Every two years, Bristol Biennial showcases exceptional emerging artists and projects that encourage public interaction. The festival also forges international partnerships and exchanges, providing local artists with new...

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                                                                                  A truly engrossing installation is now in place at the Barbican's Curve Gallery for those wishing to experience something extra from their usual day. The light, sound &...

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