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Christopher Lane | Canvas

Christopher Lane | Canvas - Artists Statement


I like to explore colours, textures & the relationship between abstraction & the figure by striving to capture the human condition as truthfully as I can. My work is an honest perception of the thoughts and feelings which reflect how I am feeling as I paint.


Experimenting with texture offers me variation in how to express myself & provides my work with greater intensity & further depth. I want people to approach my abstract pieces in the instinctive manner in which they are created, evoking feelings as varied as love, hope & joy to apprehension, fear & disconnect.


I also create work which unifies both abstraction and figuration – this brings me challenges as to how to depict the human form – in isolation, or in a group. This study is something I continue to build upon.


In terms of the future, I have gained a reputation as an artist who is keen to experiment with tone & technique, which is certainly something I will continue to do. I do, however, maintain a consistent approach to style, which makes my work easily recognisable as a Christopher Lane piece.


I tend to release editions of paintings in a series, which usually comprise of 6 – 8 paintings each. This adds to the narrative of the series as each individual painting is connected to a larger collective, although distinct in their own way. These are available through Passion Palette exclusively, see my gallery for more.



Christopher's explosive abstract works conjure up images of the artist stood in his Studio covered in paint from floor to ceiling with what is captured on the canvas providing an insight into a moment of artistic flair. Orchestrating the use of oil paints to perform an abstraction of the reality he surrounds himself in...

His impressionist approach to portraiture is refreshing and links to his abstract works through the rich selection of colours contained in the palette he chooses. Whether it be his portraiture pieces, or his abstract works Christopher is sure to provide an injection of colour wherever his paintings are seen. 


Christopher Lane | Canvas
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