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Tate Modern | Giacometti

Tate Modern | Giacometti

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Tate Modern | Ends 10th September 2017 | £16.80

Swiss sculptor-painter Alberto Giacometti (1901-66) assumes the platform of a major summer exhibition at the Tate Modern in a memorable show featuring 250 works. The results cement his place alongside Matisse, Picasso and Degas as one of the great painter-sculptors of the twentieth century.
Giacometti is most commonly associated to his elongated primitive sculptures created post World War 2. It is these reflective pieces that came to define a new way of looking at humanity following the atrocities of the war when other artists struggled to depict the human form. His ability to evoke a fragile & reflective impression was poignant of this time & came to represent a period of transition, which enabled people to pause.
Armies of miniature sculptures are aligned in the core of the Tate taking on greater significance collectively. Women of Venice IX, a series of standing figures, are shown for the first time in 60 years.
This, of course, is the UK's second retrospective of the artist, but the first for over 50 years. It was the Tate Britain, in 1965, that presented the artist to the public at this time with the artist involved in selecting the display. Unfortunately, he never made it to view the finished article as he died shortly before. Since this time his work has gained greater significance & larger following. His sculpture Man Pointing broke world records in 2015 selling for £110m/$141m.

It is refreshing to review an artist's career capturing some of mankind's darkest days free from political suggestion & a luxury to be able to do this within the confines of one building; Giacometti at the Tate Modern - a must see.


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