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Shintaro Ohata (1975 - )

Shintaro Ohata (1975 - )

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Shintaro Ohata ( 1975 - )

Japanese artist Shintaro Ohata specialises in capturing those intimate moments in life, whilst adding a dramatic twist to the every day. Literally combining Sculpture with two - dimensional paintings Ohata uses his paintings as the background to his sculptures creating one collective piece using the 2 forms.

An underlining sense of solitude can be found as many of his works feature a lone young female who is detached from the greater world although not portrayed to be vulnerable. She can cut an isolated figure who seeks a connection and fulfillment through technologies, animals, bicycles, but never by human contact.

He is able to achieve a variation of light, which is astounding and integral to the atmosphere he creates. This is taken even further with the clever inclusion of the elements such as the wind, which can be visible on the main character (sculpture) as well as the rain, which is evident from some of the backdrop paintings and the sculptures response to it.


His latest series is titled Polaris, which is named after the Star, which he comments “is always very bright and seems to be situated in the same place of the universe all the time”. This plays into the theme of finding a core ,like 'Polaris', in your heart.




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