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Saatchi Gallery | From Selfie to Self Expression

Saatchi Gallery | From Selfie to Self Expression

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Saatchi Gallery | Ends 30th May 2017 | FREE

The modern phenomenom of taking selfies is the focus of thought for the Saatchi Gallery's Spring exhibition 2017. This makes for an interesting comment on this self-gratifying practice, which is placed under greater scrutiny by being presented inside a major London Gallery. 


The display teaches us that capturing the self is not as exclusive to the present day as we might imagine. A large wall-mounted screen browses digital renderings of notable self-portraits of yester-year. From Rembrandt to Warhol & Busquaits. This interactive element of the show enables viewers to satisfy another moern compulsion by 'Liking' their favourites by touching the screen & selecting the Like button.

For anyone who has witnessed these works in person this is a poor alternative to see high-end art of famous artists reduced to a digital slideshow. However, their inclusion is imperative in setting the context at which the show is presented. This is not an art display for enthusiasts to ponder, but a show commenting on a cultural practice.

Those afforded celebrity status are placed alongside ordinary mortals as celebrity selfies are shown amongst selfies sourced from the internet.  Crazes such as 'Rooftopping' are explained - a derivative of the selfie where young people take selfies stood upon high buildings. Other risky behaviours are captured as selfie-takers cling onto a ledge suspended 400 feet in the air with one hand holding on & the other taking the selfie.

The background & circumstance appear to play a greater role in modern times as capturing image is now accessible to the majority of the western world. With this comes greater risk as people attempt to orchestrate their unique selfie offerings by dodging Wild Bulls, swimming closeby giant Jelly Fish, Dodging groundsmen during a football pitch invasion. One poignant image is of a grinning Soldier posing against the backdrop of smoke from a large explosion...


It is true that capturing the self is not an exclusive practice of the modern day. However, this has never been as accessible by so many. This provides a more detailed account of our era as this is not reserved for the rich, or gifted artists amongst us. Everyone is now able to contribute to the conversation. The Saatchi gallery has done well to present an intriguing discussion for further debate.. 


A Lizard in a Woman's Skin - Olga Sikorska

iPhoneography Selfie - Ricardo Gomez-Perez

"Where are we hurrying"? - Klavdija Marusic

 No Title - Norbert Tóth

The Three Graces 4 - Pere Colom

Selbsterstaunlich II - brigitte felician siebrecht




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