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Passion Palette | Artist | Lindsay Pickett

Passion Palette | Artist | Lindsay Pickett

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Award winning surrealist artist, Lindsay Pickett, manages to achieve mesmorizing scenes with the detail he creates from fusing the modern world with his imagination.

My main practice involves painting with oils on canvas, linen and board. Starting with a basic study of a compositional idea I develop this further to form a small watercolour, which evolves into a finished oil painting. It is my aim to create a new World paying the closest attention to the smallest of details. This serves to make my paintings as realistic as possible & I hope allows the viewer to escape effortlessly into these imagined worlds,  which usually depict a dream that I have had

The historical influences in my work arise from Surrealism and fantasy art. My painting practice started when research into Hieronymus Bosch and Salvador Dali took place.    


Video Interview Here



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