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PAPER | Saatchi Gallery

PAPER | Saatchi Gallery

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Passion Palette takes a look inside the Saatchi Gallery's art exhibition, which focuses on the material of paper & how contemporary artists are adopting this material with varying effect. 

Much can be learnt from the age of the past through accounts recorded by the use of paper. As the centuaries have gone by a once sacred material has become less valued, especially since the introduction of the digital age, which now claims a stronghold in the recording of information. Terms such as 'paperless office' lead us to depreciate the material that was once so revered & enabled the progression of mankind for a substantial period of time.

As our relationship with paper responds to the modern world the Saatchi Gallery seeks to reestablish the importance of this material, whilst commenting on its role in the present day.

Here are some of the highlights of the display -




PAPER | Saatchi Gallery | - 2

PAPER | Saatchi Gallery | - 3          PAPER | Saatchi Gallery | - 4               PAPER | Saatchi Gallery | - 5


                   PAPER | Saatchi Gallery | - 6


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