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Nick Gentry

Nick Gentry

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London based Nick Gentry uses the interesting technique of portraiture on disused floppy disks to create engaging pieces that have a street art feel to them.

With each used floppy disk having come to the end of its life this comments on the modern day waste culture & our relationship with technology. It represents our shift from physical form, which has disappeared to exist purely on the web & within the digital world.  

This storage media once contained vast amounts of information on our daily lives, thoughts & experiences. The metal circular hub on the reverse side of the disk works as a metaphor for the human eye, of the insight it once pertained.

Gentry starts by sketching his ideas onto a grid, with each section the size of one disk. He then uses Spray paint, which he applies to the disks using a stencil to preserve the original labels and the metal slider. Nick then arranges these disks into the appropriate aesthetically pleasing areas almost like pixels, to create a kind of collage. Gentry then uses oil paint to finish other details of the piece.


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