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Kate MccGwire | All Visual Arts

Kate MccGwire | All Visual Arts

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               passionpalette | Kate MccGwire | All Visual Arts - 1

                                                                 Gyre - Crow feathers

London based Kate MccGwire uses the interesting material of the feathers of various birds such as Crow, Pigeon, Mallard, Magpie & Pheasant to create her unique feather sculptures. Collecting the necessary materials can take months. When used in abundance these feathers possess a true beauty & power for all to see. As shapes evolve in her work they develop a playful & animated character with a menacing element.  Creating such intricate patterns it is as though her creations provide a fluidity of movement. Her studio being located on a boat docked on a river is a clear influence of her work as the changing nature of the river serves to inspire her creations.

Kate’s latest exhibition is titled ‘Lure’ & continues her relationship with All Visual Arts in London Kings Cross. Representing 27 works differing in size & form showcasing the artists most recent creations. A gigantic monstrous creature titled Gyre lurks at the base of the gallery floor differing in width providing a pulsating sensation. MccGwire also uses the quill of the feather to reenact a fluid motion with Surge, which can most closely be associated to the movement of water. Garrulous invites the viewer to gaze through a circular hole in a small wooden box attached to the wall transporting them into a kaleidoscope world of intriguing beauty.

The female form is also prevalent in sculptures such as Cleave & Coerce to further enhance the substance of this display.     

Impressively each sculpture takes on its own very distinct personality. Whether it be the majestically formed Narcis, the beauty of Host VII, or the resigned Splice every sculpture serves to evoke in different ways.

All Visual Arts & Kate MccGwire’s collaboration provides the viewer with an interesting combination of natural beauty & predatory value.


passionpalette | Kate MccGwire | All Visual Arts - 2       passionpalette | Kate MccGwire | All Visual Arts - 3
               Host VII - Pigeon tail feathers                                                 Cleave - Dove / Pigeon feathers in antique cabinet - Image provided by Tessa Angus

passionpalette | Kate MccGwire | All Visual Arts - 4


< Splice - bound to the wall with its head bowed low. Splice is greeted with a mutual respect showing signs of a captured creature that was once free possessed by sorrow.  

passionpalette | Kate MccGwire | All Visual Arts - 5



Coerce - these magpie feathers take on a the shape of the female form.

Image provided by Tessa Angus







Check out this short film of Kate at work at her studio provided by



passionpalette | Kate MccGwire | All Visual Arts - 6


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