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Barbican Pop Art Design

Barbican Pop Art Design

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      Barbican Pop Art Design | - 1


The Barbican paints a new picture of Pop with Pop Art Design...


Pop Art came at a time when abstract expressionsim had dominated the art market. A public, which had been starved of identifiable imagery were intrigued at this dramatic shift in perspective. Furthermore, the representation of everyday items, symbols & slogans suddenly made art accessible to everyone. People who were not necessarily connected to the exclusive art community were now suddenly able to relate to a piece of art.


As Pop Art emerged in Britain & grew in America in the 1950s designers witnessed this movement influence their own profession as its principals were adopted by designers across the atlantic. Popular culture had transmitted from the television, magazines & advertising to challenge the traditions of fine art before creating a new aspect of popular design. The latest exhibition to be displayed at the Barbican is the first to reflect upon the relationship between Pop Artists & Designers & serves as a fresh take on the genre.


The result of this collaboration stimulates with a visual gratification. Everywhere the eye wanders intriguing shapes & appealing colours strike back. The challenge for designers of this period was in bringing Pop Art into the 3-Dimensional world via design. The results are truly unique with a particular attention upon the chairs on display in the show.


        Barbican Pop Art Design | - 2

                        Irving Harper, Marshmallow, sofa, 1956

This touring exhibition led by Vitra Design Museum has now reached its 4th destination. During its travels its collection has grown comprehensively, providing an in depth understanding of the subject. The lower floor provides a strong induction into the show as it approaches 30 years history of pop art & design in one fell swoop. This is cleverly followed by a set of design pieces, which gives its audience room to reflect, equipped with the knowledge that the lower floors had instilled.


Leading Artists synonymous with the Pop Art movement are assured a place in the world of popular culture. Andy Warhol, Roy Litchenstein, Partrick Caulfied, Richard Hamilton, & Peter Blake all feature to some extent. However, it is the leading designers of this era including Charles and Ray Eames, Peter Murdoch, George Nelson, Gaetano Pesce and Ettore Sottsass who breath originality into the Barbican's latest take on the genre.


Bringing together more than 200 works by over 70 artists and designers, Pop Art Design remains on display until 9th February 2014. Tickets £12.00.


     Barbican Pop Art Design | - 3               Barbican Pop Art Design | - 4

          Evelyne Axell’s Ice Cream, 1964                                     Verner Panton, Swimming Pool, 1969


Barbican Pop Art Design | - 5          Barbican Pop Art Design | - 6

   Elaine Sturtevant


                 Barbican Pop Art Design | - 7


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